Alternative Equipment Leasing

Since 2003 Alternative Financial has been helping small businesses with their funding needs.  Alternative Equipment Leasing specializes in collateral based leasing for heavy use and construction equipment nationwide. In general, our minimum funding amount is $50,000.

Although you may not be able to obtain working capital or financing due to tax liens, judgments, cash flow, bankruptcy, low credits scores, or whatever economic challenge has arisen. Alternative Equipment Leasing has developed a niche to provide funding when banks or more traditional methods will not lend due to the current economic environment.

Our financing process is fast and simple. We will do an initial consultation about your funding requirements and additional collateral being used to secure the transaction.

After filling out the application, we will need a detailed list of the collateral being used to secure the funding.

You will receive an approval letter for your review with any additional requirements. It’s that easy. We are your alternative financing partners when banks say no.

Alternative Equipment Leasing understands you are in need of funding in the least amount of time possible. If the value is there in the collateral, you will receive the funding you need when you need it.

Contact Us today for a free consultation concerning your financing needs. 800.971.2811